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Joseph Ratzinger’s ordination receives the most hits

· Positive data for the Internet portal uniting Vatican media ·

An old adage has it that statistics is the science according to which if one person eats a chicken and another abstains, the result is that each has eaten a half. This does not mean that data are not useful, but that they should be read, cross-examined, evaluated and illustrated with prudence. The process is even more complex with Internet, but made easier when the results meet expectations, as is the case for the analysis of the number of visitors to the new Vatican media site,

An idea of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications and inaugurated by Benedict XVI who launched the first “tweet”, on 28 June. On its first day the site has registered 257,632 visitors from over 200 countries. The Vatican Press Office, Vatican Information Service, Vatican Radio and TV, Fides Agency and this newspaper all contribute to the web portal. As predicted, the English-speaking world registered the largest number of visitors, an outcome mirrored on Twitter and Facebook: in the former, direct hits numbered 77,321 of which 60,000 are users from English language countries and in the latter, over 7,000 “Like this” hits.

Some recognition for this very successful launch, goes to L'Osservatore Romano , Unicuique suum one might say, even if it would be inopportune to direct the phrase Non praevalebunt to the little brothers (in age) of the other Vatican institutions. The paper only had the merit of fulfilling its duty, through its placing of a front page article entitled, “The most important moment of my life – 60 years ago, 29 June 1951, Joseph Ratzinger was ordained priest”, which was the most viewed, with 12,991 English-speaking visitors and more than 3,463 Italian-language navigators.

“Thank you”, to the more than 250,000 visitors and a “special thanks” to the 16,454 who clicked on our article. None of them ate half a chicken, our information experts tell us, but a small piece, maybe yes.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 20, 2020