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Job emergency number one

· The ILO and the new report on the dynamics of employment in Europe ·

The document suggests certain economic and financial measures

A new report has come out  for clarifying and overcoming the employment problem in Europe. The International Labour Organisation (ILO) in Geneva today published a new study on trends in the European labor market . The document, as well as taking stock of recent developments,  examines  sector reforms undertaken by several European governments. It suggests a series of financial measures that could, if implemented,  restore movement to supply and demand. The text will be on the table of European leaders at the next Council meeting on 28-29 June in Brussels.
According to many analysts, the figures and the problems described  in the report should  confirm those already shown in recent months. In early June, the ILO launched a dramatic appeal against forced labor : more than 21 million people worldwide - the organization estimates - are forced to do work  imposed on them by means of coercion or deception. Three thousand people are exploited by  private entities or businesses. Over four million (22 percent) were victims of sexual exploitation and 14.2 million (68 percent) of labor exploitation in economic activities like agriculture, construction, domestic work and manufacturing.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 19, 2019