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It's time to turn the page

· In an audience with the gypsy community the Pope calls to eradicate prejudice and diffidence which are the basis for discrimination ·

“We do not want to witness family tragedies in which children die from cold or are burnt in fires, or who become objects in the hands of depraved persons”. Pope Francis addressed participants of a world pilgrimage of the gypsy community, received in audience on Monday morning, 26 October, in the Paul VI Hall.

“I know the difficulties of your people”, the Pope recalled. “Visiting several parishes in Rome and on the outskirts of the city, I have had the opportunity to listen to your problems, your fears, and I know that challenge is not only for the Church, but also for local authorities. I was able to see the poor conditions in which many of you live, due to neglect and lack of work and the necessary means of subsistence. This is contrary to the right of every person to a dignified life, decent work, education and health care. Moral and social order dictates that every human being should enjoy their fundamental rights and must respond to their duties. On this basis it is possible to build a peaceful coexistence, where different cultures and traditions preserve their respective values not with an attitude of closure and confrontation, but one of dialogue and integration”.

“I hope your people make way for new [chapter] in history, a renewed history”. “May you turn the page!”, he said. “The time has come to eradicate secular prejudices, preconceptions and mutual diffidence which are often at the basis of discrimination, racism and xenophobia”.

The Pope's address 




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 21, 2019