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It was he who knocked

· At the Angelus Francis points to Mary as an example of humility and courage ·

“How many times does Jesus come into our lives,” Pope Francis said at the Angelus on Sunday, 21 December, the fourth Sunday of Advent, and “how many times we don’t notice because we are so taken”, because we are so “immersed in our own thoughts, in our own affairs and even, in these days, in preparations for Christmas”. The Pope also pointed to Mary’s “yes” as a model for everyone. “In her 'behold' filled with faith, Mary does not know by what road she must venture, what pains she must suffer, what risks she must face. But she is aware that it is the Lord asking and she entrusts herself totally to Him; she abandons herself to his love. This is the faith of Mary!”

The integral text of the Pope's words in Italian




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 20, 2019