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The Islamic State
releases 200 Yazidis

· Eight months in the hands of militants ·

At least 40 children in the group

The militants of the Islamic State (IS) have released more than 200 Yazidis who were imprisoned for more than eight months. Among them were at least 40 children. 

According to Rudaw, a Kurdish media network, a group of 80 Yazidis arrived in Kirkuk on 8 April and soon another 120 will be released, for a total of 200 people. The capture of the Yazidis, an Iraqi religious minority which totals approximately 500,000, took place last July in the districts of Sinjar and Shingal. Rudaw cited that the group of 80 Yazidis arrived in Kirkuk “in good health” and Kurdish doctors treated them and gave them basic health care. While the situation of the Yazidis seem to be improving, the situation of the Palestinian refugee camp Yarmuk – which was attacked by IS – is quite grave. About 20,000 Palestinians are trapped in the camp at the mercy of the fighting. In recent hours Palestinian forces — after many appeals by the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) — have taken back half of the camp. The spokesperson of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine – General Command of Damascus, Anuar Raja, has said he is contact with the Government of Syria and they are organizing a possible joint offensive.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 13, 2019