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Investigation on Mary

· The essay ·

The cult of Mary is not the result of a devotional construction of  people, who seek a loving mother to comfort them, but is a subject of  theological and spiritual interest. With her miraculous qualities of virgin and mother, in fact, the Madonna poses a problem for intellectual understanding. The soul that has given up on love of self is virgin, and it is in that, that the divine is immediately born: that is why virginity is so fruitful. With these words the student of mysticism Marco Vannini responds to Corrado Augias, who thinks the Madonna is a kind of synthesis of sex phobic superstitions and of a pagan heritage of the Mediterranean cult of Mother Earth. The Investigation on Mary (Rizzoli, 2013) that the two have done together is exciting precisely because of this juxtaposition of points of view, and provides a chance to examine clichés - like the matter that the many Marian apparitions are just a phenomenon of imaginary suggestion - and then see them debunked by the simple but wise words of Vannini . ( @ LuceScaraffia )




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 16, 2020