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Interfering in religious tradition

· Jewish community contests the ruling on circumcision approved in Berlin ·

The controversy, which began in June after a district court in Cologne ruled religiously-motivated circumcision as bodily harm, has been reignited. Yesterday the Jewish community in Berlin

rose up against the new ruling passed in the German capital, defining it as "flagrant interference" with religious tradition. A few hours earlier the Justice Minister Thomas Heilmann announced that the city-state will not prosecute those who perform circumcisions, but under certain conditions. From now on such practices will be allowed if they are performed by physicians with anesthesia, with the parents' permission and with proof of that the child is from the Jewish or Muslim community.  These new provisions however prohibit mohel,  Jewish “circumcisers”, from following religious laws which bans anesthesia. Thus the Jewish community in Berlin has accused the government of interfering with their religious tradition and voted unanimously on the issue at an assembly.




St. Peter’s Square

June 27, 2019