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An inclusive society

· In his address to inmates the Pope states that security and order do not come from incarceration ·

“Celebrating the Jubilee of Mercy with you is recalling the pressing journey that we must undertake in order to break the cycle of violence and crime”. 

Pope Francis met with inmates at the Centre for Social Adjustment in Ciudad Juárez, the final stop in his visit to Mexico. “Divine Mercy”, he said, “reminds us that prisons are an indication of the kind of society we live in. In many cases they are a sign of the silence and omissions which have led to a throwaway culture, a symptom of a culture that has stopped supporting life, of a society that has little by little abandoned its children”.

“Jesus’ concern for the care of the hungry, the thirsty, the homeless and prisoners”, the Pontiff added, “sought to express the core of the Father’s mercy. This becomes a moral imperative for the whole of society that wishes to maintain the necessary conditions for a better common life. It is within a society’s capacity to include the poor, infirm and imprisoned, that we see its ability to heal their wounds and make them builders of a peaceful coexistence”.

The Pope's address




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 26, 2020