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In Ukraine as in Poland

· Greek-Catholics reach out to the Patriarch of Moscow ·

The conflict between Ukrainians and Russians is impossible to mitigate without discussion with the Patriarch of Moscow. “And if we try somehow to settle the painful questions of the past as Christians, in the light of the Gospel, and to heal our memory only by means of reconciliation, then we can build something constructive”. Last Sunday, on the occasion of the consecration of the Cathedral of the Transfiguration of Christ, Major Archbishop Sviatoslav Shevchuk of Kyiv-Halyč held out his hand to the Russian Orthodox Church striving for “reconciliation among peoples” in Ukraine. Perhaps following a path similar to that of the Russians and Polish; Patriarch of Moscow Kirill I and Archbishop Józef Michalik of Przemyśl for Latins, President of the Polish Bishops' Conference, recently signed a joint message on 17 August in Warsaw.

We could not hear for what the Poles forgave the Russians, said Archbishop Shevchuk, according to the Religious Information Service of Ukraine, “and what the Orthodox Church intends to apologize to the Latin Church in Poland for. Perhaps, it will also be said some day. But a very powerful example or call to reconciliation has been made”.




St. Peter’s Square

April 22, 2019