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In the sign of mercy

· Pope Francis in an interview with Civiltà Cattolica and Jesuit journals around the world ·

And he reminds Catholic doctors that the purpose of their vocation is to be servants of life

Around six hours of interviews, on three different occasions, to speak about himself. Pope Francis chose Fr Antonio Spadaro, Director of Civiltà Cattolica, for a pleasant conversation with all of his brother  Jesuits. The interview took place on 19, 23 and 29 August, in the Pope's private study at the Domus  Santcae Marthae . It was in fact — as the Jesuit himself pointed out —  addressed primarily to the cultural magazines that the Society of Jesus spreads throughout the world. From it arises a  fresh image of Pope Francis, original mainly because he himself dictated the outline.

With everything else to note,  today is the eve of an event that is closely tied to Pope Francis and his story. The  21 September marks the 60th anniversary of the beginning of his priestly vocation, which took place on the feast day of St Matthew, 21 September, 1953, as he himself has repeatedly pointed out,  in Argentinian church dedicated to San José de Flores, the parish of his youth.  It is a memory that Pope Francis has repeatedly  relived again and again during his life in Rome: at  the Church of San Luigi dei Francesi where he would pray and gaze at the  Caravaggio's painting, the Calling of  St Matthew, and remember.

The Holy Father, this morning,  met with Catholic doctors who were participating in the International Congress organized by the International Federation of Catholic Medical Associations. He gave them three things to reflect upon. The first was about a situation that cannot but be described paradoxical: while we give some persons new rights, we do not defend life itself as a primary value. This causes a “cultural disorientation” that makes doctors run the risk of losing their identity as “servants of life”. The second reflection regarded the necessity of responding to the “culture of wast” with a “decisive and unreserved yes to life”. The third was a mandate: go out and be witnesses and spread the “culture of life”.

Below is a list of 16 journals and magazines that have published the Pope's interview and their respective websites:

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Feb. 17, 2020