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In the kingdom of the love that serves

· Benedict XVI celebrates Mass with the new cardinals ·

And during the Audience with the new prelates on Monday he appeals for peace in the Middle East and in Colombia

Peace and respect for one another in the Middle East, justice and reconciliation in Colombia. The Pope entrusted his concerns for the situation in the Middle East and for future developments in the journey to social harmony in the Latin American country.

During the Audience on Monday morning – the day after Mass in St Peter's Basilica on the Solemnity of Christ King of the Universe – Benedict XVI spoke to the six prelates, accompanied by their families and faithful, making “still another pressing appeal” for peace in the Middle East. Where Christians – he hoped - “ must be able to live freely their own faith”. And where,  thus,   a stable and long lasting reconciliation will be  necessary, one based on “an authentic respect for the other”. Likewise, the Pope assured Colombia of his prayers,  hoping that “the beloved sons and daughters” of that land “may proceed in peace and concord on the paths of justice, reconciliation and solidarity”.

Moreover – he emphasized during his homily at Mass on Sunday with the new cardinals - “the kingdoms of the earth  rise and fall” but the kingdom of God “will never pass away or be destroyed”. For it “does not respond to the logic of domination and force” but to that “of truth and of love”. Jesus, in fact, came to reveal and bring a new kingship” and “to bear witness to the truth of a God who is love and  who wants to establish a kingdom of justice, love and peace”.

That is why “to be disciples of Jesus,” remind Benedict XVI, “means not letting ourselves be allured by the worldly logic of power, but bringing into the world the light of truth and God’s love”.  One “demanding responsibility” for all the faithful, especially the new cardinals, is the call  “to bring out ever more clearly the priority of God and his will over the interests of the world and its powers”.  From this came the Pope's exhortation: “Become imitators of Jesus, who, before Pilate, in the humiliating scene described by the Gospel, manifested his glory: that of loving to the utmost, giving his own life for those whom he loves”.

Also at the Angelus, recited in St Peter's Square at the end of Sunday Mass, the Pontiff proposed again to believers the invitation  “to extend the saving work of God by converting to the Gospel, setting ourselves decisively in the following of that King who did not come to be served but to serve and give  witness to the truth”.




St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 19, 2019