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In the Church we are all equal and no one is useless

· At the General Audience the Pope speaks of the People of God as a temple of the Holy Spirit ·

The Church is not “a fabric of things or interests” but the “Temple of the Holy Spirit”, where all are equal and no one is useless. Pope Francis stressed this at the General Audience this morning, 26 June.  Addressing the enormous number of faithful gathered in St Peter's Square, the Pope once again focused his reflection on the “Mystery of the Church”, using for this circumstance the image of the temple.

It was an interpretation that compared the Old Testament with the New, harking back to the history of the People of Israel but also referring to the events of every individual Christian. Moreover, the Holy Father explained, adding several personal thoughts to his prepared text, “we are the temple, we are the living Church”, and “when we are together the Holy Spirit who helps us to grow as Church is also with us!” We are not isolated, we are the People of God: this is the Church. And in this situation the Pope maintains,  “no one is secondary. No one is the most important person in the Church, we are all equal in God’s eyes. Some of you might say 'Listen, Mr Pope, you are not our equal'. Yes”, he assured them, “I am like each one of you, we are all equal, we are brothers and sisters! No one is anonymous”. However this entails a responsibility, the Holy Father said, for “if the brick of our Christian life goes missing, the beauty of the Church loses something.  Some people say 'I have nothing to do with the Church'; but in this way the brick of a life in this beautiful Temple is left out. No one can go away, we must all bring the Church our life, our heart, our love, our thought and our work”.

Moreover, in this regard the Pope urged the faithful to be living stones: “Have you ever noticed how grim it is to see a tired, bored or indifferent Christian? A Christian like that is all wrong”, he concluded, for Christians “must be alive and glad to be Christian; they must live this beauty of belonging to the People of God which is the Church”.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 25, 2020