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In God's logic there is no room for pride

· At the Angelus the Pope asks the faithful to continue to pray for peace in the Middle East ·

In “God's logic” there is no room for pride, “for he is wholly fullness and is wholly oriented to loving and to giving life”. The Holy Father said this at the Angelus on Sunday, 23 September, recited with the faithful gathered in the courtyard of the Papal Residence in Castel Gandolfo.

Referring to the episode in Mark's Gospel which tells of the second announcement of the passion, death and resurrection of Jesus, the Pope stressed the attitude of misunderstanding with which the disciples heard it; which proves that “God’s logic is always 'different' from our own” . For this reason, he explained, “following the Lord always demands of human beings – of all of us – a profound 'con-version', a change in our manner of thinking and living, it asks that the heart be opened to listening, to let ourselves be illuminated and transformed from within”.

In particular “a key point in which God and man differ”: pride. “ in God”, Benedict XVI said, “there is no pride, for he is wholly fullness and is wholly oriented to loving and to giving life”. In men and women, “pride instead is deeply rooted and demands constant vigilance and purification.  We, who are small, aspire to appear great, to be among the first, whereas God who is really great is not afraid of humbling himself and putting himself last”. Hence the invitation to study at the school of Mary who is “perfectly 'in tune' with God”,  learning from her “to follow Jesus faithfully on the path of love and humility”.

At the end of the Marian prayer – after recalling the witness borne by the French priest Louis Brisson, Founder of the men and women Oblates of St Francis of Sales, who was beatified on Saturday, 22 September in Troyes – the Pope addressed greetings in various languages to the groups present. To the French-speaking in particular he expressed gratitude for the “prayers that accompanied the splendid success of the Apostolic Visit to Lebanon, and by extension, to the whole of the Middle East”, adding, “continue to  pray for Middle Eastern Christians, for peace and for serene interreligious dialogue”.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 20, 2020