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Immigrants bought and abused
in the persian Gulf States

The phenomenon of human trafficking continues to increase in the Yemen, with poverty which encourages in particular the sexual exploitation of women -  being bought and sold, raped and beaten to death. Between 2011 and 2012 the country has seen a noticeable increase in smuggling and in cases of violence among immigrant women: so says the latest data of the UN Refugee agency (UNHCR), which in 2011 registered 103 000 new arrivals. During 2012, although there are no reliable figures, it is believed that the numbers have increased considerably. Migrant women, mainly Ethiopian and Somali, trying to escape the poverty of their country of origin; paying hundreds of dollars to venture on long journeys aboard in overcrowded and dangerous boats trying to reach the Persian Gulf States to find work. During the course of their voyages they are often raped, sometimes they are even suffocated due to the overcrowding and are thrown overboard by their very smugglers. Once they have arrived on Yemeni soil, they can become hostage to the traffickers. According to Desperate Choices, a report, conducted by the Danish Refugee Council and the Regional Mixed Migration Secretariat, criminal networks also extend to Ethiopia, Djibouti and Saudi Arabia. This also contributes to the phenomenon known as sex tourism which sees young Yemeni from poor families forced into lightning quick marriages with visitors from the Gulf States, who, after having abused these young victims leave them abandoned on the street. This account is related by the Fides Agency.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 15, 2019