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I'll tell you some other time

· The novel ·

As part of the reconstruction of the memory of the Holocaust – an extremely rich literary genre - a new kind of memoir is being born, that by the children of survivors. A particularly successful example is the book by Alba Arikha the book, Te lo dirò un’altra volta (Bollati Boringhieri, 2013), in which a young woman weaves the experiences of her adolescence as a young French woman of the eighties with the stories, fragmentary but for this reason even more striking, of the life of her father and grandmothers who survived the Holocaust in Eastern Europe. Unfolding between a rich secularised Paris and an Israel of wars and religious Orthodoxy that Alba visit regularly to find a lot of relatives, the story brings the memory of the extermination into our daily lives, where it demands a meaning and atonement that is not only the slow healing of individual wounds.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 27, 2020