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I was one of those Jewish children

· In 1943 Yvette Haim was saved by the Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer in Florence ·

In June 2013, Giovanni Preziosi wrote an article for L'Osservatore in which he recalled the the Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer who aided Jewish children persecuted by Nazi-Fascists in Florence. Then a few days ago, he received an email. "I was one of those Jewish children who was housed in the sisters' institute on Via del Guarlone. For a long time I searched for traces of my time in Florence and then I read your article by chance and it helped me to clarify many details of my past". Yvette Haim, who wrote this letter, was successful in escaping the roundup with her four and half-year-old brother by hiding inside the Florentine institute headed by Superior Rosaide Olando of the Sisters of Jesus the Redeemer in the middle of 1943. It was these nuns who gave a home to 130 children and several adults who were being hunted by the Gestapo.




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 22, 2019