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I am Charlotte Simmons

· The novel ·

The freshman Charlotte is beautiful and intelligent. She has arrived with a scholarship from the mountains of North Carolina to study at Dupont University, the Olympus of American university culture. But a moment suffices and the golden façade crumbles: behind it lies the struggle to the last drop of blood for academic, racial, social and sexual domination. The clash with a world that from the outset indignantly unsaddles her from all the values she has grown up with could not be more brutal. On her own skin Charlotte was to realize that this gleaming mentality, lacking in values, that makes sex the central coin in the exchange actually leads nowhere. So it is that the student was to become aware that her own greatness lies precisely in being different: “I am Charlotte Simmons”. This novel that the American writer Tom Wolfe (born in 1931) published in 2005 is incredible: it is the failure of the utopia of sexual liberation. But it is also the way to take to get out of it. (@GiuliGaleotti)




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 25, 2020