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The humanity behind the walls

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There are homelands that are absolutely unique in their rarity. This is the case of those very few dozens of people who were born in the Vatican City, the state which appeared in 1929 and whose citizens generally arrive from their respective countries of origin. Anyway a woman, Matilde Gaddi, who was born within the walls of the Vatican in 1943, has recounted her " incredibly unique " story in the book L’umanità dietro le mura(La Caravella, 2013): through anecdotes and curiosities, one is struck by the perspective which is quite unprecedented. The fifth daughter of a gendarme, Matilda was born and lived for 23 years - her first 23 - in the Vatican with her family. The episodes of “an undeclared war between gendarmerie and children, which inevitably ends up almost always without any prisoners," are delightful. If play and the taste for the forbidden, carelessness and recklessness, mark the infancy of all of us, when they unfold within the walls of the Vatican they take on a very amusing character. Such as the rules imposed on women who, for example, if they wanted to use a bicycle, strictly had to wheel it by hand. (@ GiuliGaleotti )




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 22, 2019