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How numbers reflect life

· Connections between the real world and some unexpected mathematical rules ·

Alex Bellos is an interesting figure: born in Oxford to a Hungarian mother, he graduated in Mathematics and Philosophy at Corpus Christi College before becoming a correspondent for "The Guardian" in Brazil. Returning to his homeland, he dedicated himself to writing about mathematics. 

His best-seller, Alex’s Adventures in Numberland, published by Einaudi under the title Il meraviglioso mondo dei numeri in 2011,was awarded the Premio letterario Galileo and the Peano Prize. On this topic, Msgr Carlo Mario Polvani adds that Einaudi, a publishing house in Turin, Italy, is now releasing the author's subsequent work, I numeri ci somigliano (2015, 250 pages, € 19,50), an Italian translation of Alex Through the Looking Glass: How Numbers Reflect Life and Life Reflects Numbers. In Alex's Adventures in Numberland, Bellos highlights the links between the development of maths, semiotics and languages, through a fascinating history of human civilizations. In Alex Through the Looking Glass, which is just as captivating as his previous work, the English author takes a different direction and still manages to surprise the reader by demonstrating the sometimes unimaginable ties between real world events and mathematical principles. The result is a brilliant and entertaining read that moves along in an intensely engaging rhythm.




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Feb. 17, 2020