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How I would like the light to shine

· After Eugenio Scalfari's letter ·

Eugenio Scalfari called the story Pope Francis told of his own faith encounter “a splendid story, a fascinating autobiography” in La Repubblica on 12 September, concluding his comments on the now-celebrated response by the Pontiff to his letter on 7 September. “The letter to non-believers” has incited reactions and echoes all over the world. The Washington Post - which also published an article on 9 September by Stephen Schneck calling Francis, the Peace Pope - noted that the letter merits particular attention for its open and honest comments on the spiritual condition of non-believers. British media also addressed the open nature of the dialogue on behalf of the Pontiff. The Telegraph described it as having a “conciliatory tone” and at The Guardian Lizzy Davies wrote “stretching to more than 2,500 words and not one of them veering on the irate”. Then The Independent applauded the desire to overcome barriers by way of dialogue.

In a comment entitled: “El Papa escribe una carta a un diario italiano para responder a preguntas sobre la fe”, Juan Vicente Boo of ABC recalls the article written by Benedict XVI in the Financial Times on 20 December 2012 with the theme “give to Caesar what is Caesar's and to God what is God's”. Boo sees a harmony between reason and faith as the leitmotif of Lumen Fidei and also of the Pope's letter to the founder of La Repubblica . The Argentine periodical Clarín comments on the Pope's letter to the Italian journalist, underlining the fact that despite his sins and contradictions, the Church remains the tool with which the presence of Jesus is communicated. “It makes no sense to say that I believe in God and I do not believe in the Church, says the Pope”, reads an article signed by Julio Algañaraz.

“A very special forum which hosted debate”, writes Aymeric Christensen on the website “La” in his comment “Dans une lettre, le pape François s’adresse aux non-croyants”, underlining

the message to non-believers, drawing on a metaphor of light.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 21, 2019