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The hope which does not disappoint

· Logo released for Pope's 21 September journey to Albania ·

The motto for the Holy Father's journey to Albania is “Together with God, toward the hope which does not disappoint”. The local episcopate suggested the key phrase to better communicate the significance of the visit in a manner which “represents the Christian people which has been resurrected through the blood of martyrs and which continues to walk, bearing the cross like a banner”.

The logo portrays a person walking toward the cross with blood pooled near his feet. Albert Nikolla, National Director of Caritas Albania and coordinator of this Papal Visit, explained the logo as a “symbol of sacrifice, of witness and of suffering” and that, particularly in Albania, “the blood represents all the martyrs of the Catholic Church” and all of the people, “believers and non believers, who have suffered oppression”. He explained that the man is designed with “his hands raised toward heaven, toward the Lord”, and the motto appears just above his hands: “Together with God, toward the hope which does not disappoint”. Nikolla explained that “the bishops considered the word 'together' as important to express collaboration between men of good will” and that 'hope which does not disappoint' was chosen “because Albania has emerged from a regime that suppressed religion”.

The prelates have also launched the journey's official internet site, which is already accessible online in Albanian and English.




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 10, 2019