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The Holy See's concern for Iraq

· Vatican Radio's interview of Archbishop Mamberti ·

“The Secretary of State is following the situation of the Christian communities in the Middle East with great concern. The Christian communities are suffering unjustly, are frightened and many Christians have been forced to emigrate. 

In Mosul alone roughly 30 Churches and Monasteries have been occupied and damaged by extremists, and Crosses have been removed. For the first time in many years Sunday Mass cannot be celebrated. It must be remembered that in Iraq, as in other countries of the Middle East, Christians have been present since the history of the Church began and they have played a significant role in the development of society and simply want to continue to be present as builders of peace and reconciliation”. This is according to Archibishop Dominique Mambertri, Secretary for Relations with States, who spoke to Vatican Radio about the situation of Christians in the Middle East and about actions undertaken by the Holy See in seeking to alleviate the difficult conditions.




St. Peter’s Square

July 18, 2019