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High fashion in Venice

· Outcomes according to film festival predictions but the real news was the film which was the most disappointing ·

Few surprises on the Lido. At the most recent edition of the Venice Film Festival several films which won were thought to be favourites not only before the award ceremony but actually before the entire festival. And as was widely expected the great Terrence Malick with To the Wonder was left high and dry. His film won over almost no one. In this case, it is right to make an aside.
When it comes to an author at this level it is not only necessary to examine the film itself but also the underlying general information. In other words, auteur film is a bit like high fashion and is not of high importance. And it serves not only to dress up but to launch trends that presumably will be introduced on a larger scale in the future. It is okay to criticize the contingent outcome but then one has to wonder if a larger and perhaps forward-looking message is contained in the result.
Over the past few years Malick's work, like Lynch's, has taken other paths; it suggests with increasing urgency — and thus in this case with some excess and imperfection — the need for the cinema to retrieve non-narrative language, like a breath of fresh air in the decline of post-modernism. The second-rate prêt-à-porter of the latest audio-visual elements can extricate the cinema from the bog of flat and inexpressive narratives conveyed on a massive scale by the success of the television series.




St. Peter’s Square

Sept. 22, 2019