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Heavy fighting in Syria

· Two car bombs in Aleppo ·

The violence is not ceasing in Syria. Two car bombs exploded today in the area of a   neighborhood in Aleppo controlled by the armed forces. The explosions killed and injured dozens of people. New clashes have been reported in Duma and thousands of families are fleeing the fighting, which yesterday claimed 120 lives. The protests are spreading like wildfire even in the refugee camps in Jordan and other neighbouring countries.

The news of the attack in Aleppo was reported on government television and was confirmed by the opposition which also provided the first death toll. According to the Syrian Observatory  for Human Rights (one of the platforms of the activists in exile), the explosions occurred in Saadallah Al Jabiri Square. According to this source, 40 people died including soldiers and civilians. The authorities, however, have not provided details on the events.  President Assad visited Aleppo yesterday.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 23, 2020