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The Head of the Family in Sri Lanka

The village of Valipunam, 322 km north of Colombo, Sri Lanka's capital, is located in one of the remotest corners of the former war zone of the country: the dirt roads are impossible to cross, there is no lighting, and telephone connections are fragmentary. Since everyone is afraid to live alone in their homes, the situation is particularly serious for households headed by single mothers. According to humanitarian agencies present in the region, in the northern province of the war-torn country, there are between 40 and 45,000 female heads of households that are struggling to survive. According to data gathered by the Durable Solutions Promotion Group, a coalition of international organizations and agencies of volunteers, the children of these women are the most vulnerable to sexual abuse. Some of these families are able to continue on through humanitarian aid, but there are thousands that have collapsed after not receiving any kind of assistance.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 25, 2020