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Guitar, colours and respect

The photo published half way up the page of "L'Eco di Bergamo" is a riot of colours and smiles. The image portrays the fifty year old Sister Sonia Rusconi of Poor Little Sisters, with a guitar in her arm, while walking with a group of children in a street in Chancay, Peru. During the interview, Sister Sonia recounts her mission in the suburbs of Lima amongst the poor and the desperate who were attracted to the capital in their thousands by the illusion of wealth. It is not an easy task for these religious women who try every day to keep a balanced stance when faced with the facts of poverty, a social order at breaking point and serious problems within families. Above all, always respecting "the local church, which is in any case very present. We are guided by the fundamental idea: to evangelize with charity, by example. To arouse hope, and cultivate relationships."




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 15, 2019