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The Gospel in your pocket

· At the Angelus and in a parish in Rome the Pope invites us to read Scriptures every day ·

“I pose a question to you: 'do you read a passage of the Gospel everyday?' It is good to keep a small Gospel in your pocket and read a passage, a short passage, at any moment during the day. And Jesus is there, he speak to us. Will you do this? Next Sunday you can answer me!”. 

These are a few of the lines from Pope Francis' weekly conversation with the faithful gathered in St Peter's Square for the Marian prayer. Yesterday, 16 March, this conversation concluded by giving them a little homework. “We, the disciples of Jesus, are called to be people who listen to his voice and take his words seriously”, he said.

Then the Bishop of Rome took this message up again during the pastoral visit at the Parish of Santa Maria dell’Orazione a Setteville di Guidonia. After he met various groups from the community, the Pope celebrated Mass. During the homily he gave the same advice, as in the Angelus: “Take the Gospel and read two little words. Having the Gospel with us always! It was said that several of the early martyrs — for example St Cecilia- carried the Gospel with them”.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 23, 2020