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Good Samaritans for a suffering humanity

· The Pope's Message for the Day of the Sick ·

The attitude of the Good Samaritan, knelt in front of our suffering brothers and sisters, was re-proposed by Benedict XVI in his Message for the 21st World Day for the Sick which will be celebrated on 11 February at the Marian Shrine of Altötting in Germany on the theme: “The Good Samaritan: 'Go and do likewise'”.

The Pope speaks to the sick, stating: “I feel especially close to you, dear friends, who in health care centres or at home, are undergoing a time of trial due to illness and suffering”. Then he echoes the reassuring words of the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council. “You are not alone, separated, abandoned or useless. You have been called by Christ and are his living and transparent image”. The Pope's thoughts then turned to “Catholic health care institutions and to civil society, to Dioceses and Christian communities, to religious congregations engaged in the pastoral care of the sick, to health care workers’ associations and to volunteers”, repeating the words of John Paul II who said that “the Church today lives a fundamental aspect of her mission in lovingly and generously accepting every human being, especially those who are weak and sick”.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 19, 2020