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Going to the polls

· Uncertainty dominates the presidential election in the United States ·

Five votes a piece: this is the verdict of the polls in Dixville Notch, the tiny New Hampshire town where the first ballots for the American president were cast on Tuesday and the counting of the began just after midnight. In its small way, the voting in Dixville Notch is emblematic because it confirms the air of absolute uncertainty of the race for the White House. The only certainty is that Election Day has finally arrived. The time for speeches have finished and Americans are going to the polls.

The U.S. votes for the new president in an election which could be the hardest fought ever. Even more than 2000, when George W. Bush and Al Gore tied and the votes in Florida were recounted. All surveys confirm that it is head to head. The Gallup poll gives the Republican candidate one more point than his opponent, while the Wall Street Journal-NBC and the Washington Post-ABC gives Obama one more point. But the Democrats are placing their hopes in the latest polls stating that Obama will received 303 electoral votes and Romney 235.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 20, 2019