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Of Gods and Men

· Film ·

“ I have said: ‘You are gods, and all of you the sons of the Most High, but like men you shall die’” (Ps 82:6-7). So begins the French drama film directed by Xavier Beauvois, Of Gods and Men (2010), the story of the decisions and deaths of eight Cistercian monks who lived in a small monastery in Tibhirine, Algeria. A perfect harmony exists between their life which unfolds in prayer, their common liturgical life and their service to the local Muslim community, and these latter, who see in the monks “men of God”. Fanatic terrorism disrupts the atmosphere of love, mutual respect and brotherhood that is silently but effectively lived among them. The monks become men of “another” God, not to be loved and respected but indeed rather to be fought against. Thus, they can only be used or killed. The film recounts events which actually took place in March 1996 as Islamic Jihadists kidnapped and murdered the monks, who did not wish to abandon their monastery and their Muslim brothers and sisters. Their heads, detached from their bodies, were found in May of the same year. (@ritannaarmeni)




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Jan. 20, 2020