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God who responds to the cry of man

· At the General Audience the Pope speaks about Psalm 3 ·

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

We return today to our series of catecheses on prayer with a consideration of Psalm Three, in which the psalmist cries out to God to rescue him from the enemies who surround him.  Traditionally the psalm is attributed to King David as he flees from the armies of his rebellious son Absalom.  Assailed on every side by foes who seek his life, the psalmist calls on the name of the Lord, filled with faith in the presence and the power of God who alone can save him from the evils that threaten him.  We are reminded of the plight of the just man in the Book of Wisdom, condemned to a shameful death by the wicked, who taunt him by arguing that God will surely come to his rescue.  Our thoughts move on to Calvary, where the passers-by mocked Jesus, saying that God would deliver him from death if he were really who he claimed to be.  And yet, we know that God truly hears the prayers of those who call upon him in faith.  He answers from his holy mountain.  The unseen God responds with great power, and he becomes our shield and our glory.  Even though Jesus appears to be abandoned by the Father as he dies on Calvary, yet for the eyes of faith this is the crowning moment of salvation, the triumph of the Cross, the hour of our Saviour’s glorification.




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 29, 2020