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God never tires of forgiving

· The Pontiff speaks of mercy at Mass in St Anne's Parish in the Vatican and at the Angelus ·

The theme of mercy was at the centre of the Francis' first Sunday as Pope. He spent yesterday morning, 17 March, with the faithful of St Anne's Parish in the Vatican and then recited the Angelus from the window of the papal apartment.

At the Homily of the Mass celebrated in the small church at the entrance of St Anne's Gate, the Pontiff recalled the Gospel passage of the adulteress condemned to death and saved by Jesus, underlining that mercy “is the strongest message of the Lord”, who did not come for the righteous but for sinners. He then invited us “not to condemn others” and to always recognize those in need of God's forgiveness. The Lord, he assured, “never ever tires of forgiving us! We are the ones who tire of asking forgiveness”.

This appeal was renewed at the Angelus recited at noon to a crowd in St Peter's Square and in Via della Conciliazione. “God's face”, Pope Francis recalled, “is the face of a merciful father who is always patient. He understands us, he waits for us and he never tires of forgiving us, if we are able to return to him with a contrite heart”.

“God never ever tires of forgiving us! The problem is that we ourselves tire, we do not want to ask for forgiveness”, he repeated. At the end of the prayer, taking his leave of the square, the Holy Father  renewed his “embrace for the faithful of Rome” and underlined his spiritual connection with Italy, confirmed by his family roots and reinforced by the name he chose: Francis, patron saint of Italy.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 22, 2020