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God always walks with his people

· The Chief Rabbi of Colombia meets the Cardinal Archbishop of Bogotá ·

“A humble servant of God”. Chief Rabbi Alfredo Goldschmidt and the Jewish community of the capital of Colombia thus defined Cardinal Rubén Salazar Gómez, Archbishop of Bogotá. The two met, according to the website of the bishops' conference of Colombia, in recent days at the Israelite Centre. Ambassador of Israel Yoed Magen and delegates of both the Jewish and Catholic communities were also present. During he event - marked by great cordiality – the Chief Rabbi expressed his admiration for the Cardinal's work favouring the nation's reconciliation and interreligious relations.

Emphasizing the Colombian Cardinal's cultural education, Rabbi Goldschmidt underlined his “measured and well placed” stance in facing serious problems which plague the nation, beginning with the fight against poverty, violence and the age-old peace process with the FARC.




St. Peter’s Square

April 22, 2019