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· The film ·

At the age of 58, to flee loneliness Gloria still persists in seeking love, pleasure and sex. She is divorced, she has two adult children, her quest for happiness would be natural were it not to clash with a world that rejects her, that makes her feel out of time and out of place. Even her passion for dancing and her love for a man do not succeed in providing what Gloria, alternating between hope and desperation, insists on seeking. Is it possible to live the joys of youth throughout one’s life? Even when youth is no longer can one aspire to the joys known in previous years? Anxiety is the predominant sentiment in this film (2013) by the Chilean director Sebastian Lelio, interpreted by the splendid Pauline García. Gloria thinks it is possible, she has no doubts and when these arise she banishes them, together with her negative memories and experiences. She wants these gifts once again, she hunts for happiness on the paths she knew in the past. She wants to continue to enjoy herself, to rejoice and to shine. She does not give up on life and love but at a certain point realizes she must find other paths and a new self. Will she succeed? (@ritannaarmeni)




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 22, 2020