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For the future of the family

· ​The Pope's message for the World Communications Day ·

“We are not fighting to defend the past. Rather, with patience and trust, we are working to build a better future”, Pope Francis wrote in his message for World Communications Day on the theme of family. The family was certainly at the centre of the Pontiff's address to the members of the Tribunal of the Roman Rota on Friday, 23 January, received in audience at the opening of the judicial year.

Looking to the Gospel image of the Visitation, in his message the Bishop of Rome proposed a reflection directed at presenting the family as the first school of communication, where we experience daily limits, conflicts, fragility. The family is a place where we “embrace and support one another, to discern the meaning of facial expressions and moments of silence, to laugh and cry together”.

In this perspective the Pope proposed a vision of the family that is not an “abstract model” but “a living reality” with difficulties and hopes which mark our daily path. This was vision was also the basis of the address the Pope delivered to the Roman Rota. Highlighting the “crisis of values in society”, previously discussed by Paul VI, Francis affirmed that “the crisis of marriage is often the root of the crisis of knowledge illuminated by faith”. 




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 14, 2019