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Franz and Franziska

In 1943, an Austrian Catholic farmer, Franz Jägerstätter, was sentenced to death by a war crimes tribunal in Berlin because he refused to serve in the Wehrmacht. Largely forgotten, the story of this man who chose to follow his conscience as a Christian at the expense of obedience to the political and ecclesiastical authorities - the Austrian Catholic hierarchy, was aligned with the stance of National Socialism - is now central to the book Una storia d’amore, di fede e di coraggio. Franz e Franziska Jägerstätter di fronte al nazismo (il Pozzo di Giacobbe, 2013). Edited by Giampiero Girardi and Lucia Togni, the book presents Franz through the letters exchanged with his wife Franziska, from June 1940 until the eve of his death. Letters in which, among other things, is revealed - as Daniele Menozzi writes in the introduction - "the testimony of a concrete practice of Christianity that anticipates guidelines only found decades later, when the Catholic world began the search for a deeper understanding of the Gospel."




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 29, 2020