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Former Lebanese minister and ambassador
to the US assassinated in Beirut

· Five victims dead in the latest car bombing ·

Former Lebanese finance minister and ambassador to the United States, Mohammad Shatah, was murdered this morning after a car bomb driven by a suicide bomber struck his convoy, exploding in downtown Beirut.

The blast, which killed at least five people and has left approximately seventy wounded, ripped through one of the main streets of the Lebanese capital close to the Serail, which houses several govenment offices.

Today's massacre comes just three weeks before the opening of the international trial of several members of the pro-Iranian Shiite movement Hezbollah, over the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister of Lebanon, Rafiq Hariri. The Iranian Embassy in Beirut was the target of the latest attack in the Lebanese capital before today's. On November 19, 2013, an attack involving two suicide bombers was carried out at the entrance to the Iranian embassy, killing 23 people and leaving nearly 150 wounded.  




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 23, 2019