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​The flight of families from Haiti

“The social and political drama unfolding in many countries, including our own, is similar in many aspects to that in the Land of Jesus. The tragic destiny of our people is marked by situations of deep suffering and conflict that are making a great impact on every Haitian and on the whole nation, making our coexistence as a people ever more difficult”: this is what the Bishops of Haiti said in their message for Christmas 2013. “Still today we continue to create situations of diffidence and exclusion that paralyze our present, threaten our future and contribute to the alienating our relations with God, with ourselves, with our neighbours and with the environment.” The examples given in the note mirror faithfully the social situation: “the infinite fratricidal struggle for power; the lack of respect for others and for the laws; negative and destructive criticism; moral degradation; the bad administrative management and corruption; the political polarization, that causes paralysis; the increasing intolerance; the ever increasing divide between rich and poor” Like the Holy family also “many Haitian families continue to flee, risking their lives.”




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 21, 2020