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​Five girls for Silba Island

The Croatian Island of Silba is located a few kilometres from Zara. Its municipal elections last year were won by five women of Pokret Otoka, the Island’s Movement. The women’s programme is structured in few but decisive points in their attempt to improve the life of this pearl of the Adriatic, whose population fluctuates between 300 in winter and 5,000 in the summer season: these include garbage collection, fighting uncontrolled construction projects and attempting to educate tourists in respect for nature and the rules of civil coexistence. “We define it as ‘clay-footed tourism’ – Paula, a 23-year-old from Zagreb and one of the five members of Pokret Otoka, told the magazine International – because “we sell the sun, the sea and the beach and we forget the quality. We must teach tourists to respect the places”. 




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 23, 2019