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Female appointments in Egypt

"The situation remains difficult in Egypt, but the signs of hope for the revival of the local society should not be ignored". Thus, Wael Farouq, professor of Arabic in Cairo, speaking at a conference in Milan dedicated to the ecumenical value of the social doctrine of the Church. As examples, Farouq recalled two recent elections: that of the Christian Dr. Mona Mina, one of the most famous faces in Tahrir Square, to the head of the Syndicate of Egyptian doctors, and that of the Coptic Orthodox Hala Shukrallah to the presidency of the Party of the Constitution. A fifty-nine -year-old sociologist, Shukrallah - who in 2006 took part in the founding of the Movement of Egyptians against discrimination - succeeds the Nobel laureate Mohamed ElBaradei who, in April 2012, founded the Party of the Constitution in an effort to overcome the opposition between religious and secular political formations. It is interesting that in her initial statements, Shukrallah said that she did not appreciate the insistence with which the media draws attention to her being the first woman and the first Coptic leader of a party in Egypt. In her view, in fact, this type of presentation leads to a halt before the labels, instead of really confronting oneself "with the content of what is said".




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 27, 2020