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Family and theology

The New Year begins with a single-theme issue of our monthly dedicated to the family. This will be the main topic of reflection and analysis in the Catholic world in preparation for the Synod on this subject that has been convoked for October 2014. In addition, women – at the heart of relationships that keep families together and enliven them, with regard to both their daily and their relational and affective aspects – are also crucial in making the family the place where the experience of faith is passed on.

Isabella Ducrot, “The way home” (2014)

But this year also brings an innovation. In response to Pope Francis’ request for an in-depth study of the theology of women to define more clearly their role in the Church’s life, we are adding to our monthly a page dedicated exclusively to this subject. Here, every month, a man or woman theologian will develop his or her thoughts on this open and key issue in the Church today, thereby enriching the discussion under way with new food for thought. We have decided also – if not especially – to ask for collaboration from people who are not experts in this field. Indeed we think that on the whole specialists have already written about this and thus their reflections are available even without our intervention. Moreover since this is such a central topic of Christian life in our day it is necessarily an object of thought and suggestions on the part of all, especially those who have made reflection on the Church a central dimension of their life. The series of theological reflections is opened by Pierangelo Sequeri, a deeply admired and well-loved theologian who has never previously been concerned specifically with the woman question and, for this very reason, contributes a fresh, new analysis that is highly stimulating for all. He shows us once again that theology may become vital and useful thinking with which to face the problems in the life of the Church. We shall continue these new pages for several months and at the end of the experience will present a round table of discussions on the proposals made that will be published. We intend to give the green light to the work by offering, in conclusion, a collection of these efforts to Pope Francis. (l.s.)

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Aug. 23, 2019