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Face of Christ face of man

· Meditations for the Via Crucis at which Pope Francis will preside on Good Friday ·

The meditations of the 14 stations of the Cross – at which Pope Francis will preside at the Colosseum the night of Good Friday, 18 April – were written by Archbishop Giancarlo Maria Bregantini of Campobasso-Boiano, President of the Italian bishops’ Commission for Social Problems, Labor, Justice and Peace. The introduction cites the Gospel of John (19:35-37): "He who saw it has borne witness — his testimony is true, and he knows that he tells the truth — that you also may believe. For these things took place that the scripture might be fulfilled, 'Not a bone of him shall be broken.' And again another scripture says, 'They shall look on him whom they have pierced.'" Loveable Jesus, you climbed Golgotha without a moments hesitation, the fulfillment of love, and you allowed yourself to be crucified without complaint, Brgantini comments.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 22, 2020