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The exiled family

· In his final Angelus of the year, Pope Francis invited the faithful to reflect on the difficulties of refugees and immigrants ·

Displaced people, refugees, immigrants, the victims of human trafficking and slave labor. These people were the focus of Pope Francis' concern during these days of celebration. Especially yesterday, Sunday, 29 December, the day on which the Church celebrates the Feast of the Holy Family of Nazareth, fleeing persecution this family suffered the indignity of exile.

A circumstance which, the Pope said, is now shared by millions of families all over the world. These are the families of refugees and immigrants. The Holy Father said that they “do not always find a true welcome, respect and appreciation for the values they bring”. Their legitimate expectations often clash with situations of difficulty, which often results in exploitation. This fate is especially common to “victims of human trafficking and of slave labour”. The Pope's thoughts also went to what he called the “hidden exiles”, namely, those who live in exile within their own families: “the elderly, for example, are sometimes treated as a burdensome presence”. The Pope said that in order to truly understand the status of a family, it is necessary to see “how their children and elderly are treated”. In this regard, Pope Francis has repeated the three words that he believes are “the three key words for living in peace and joy in the family: 'may I', 'thank you' and 'sorry'”. Finally, he recalled that the family will be the focus of the next synodal assembly and urged the faithful – those in St Peter's Square together with those who were watching from Nazareth, Barcelona, Loreto and other cities around the world – to recite a prayer which he had written.





St. Peter’s Square

Nov. 19, 2019