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Everyday Heroism

· From the July issue of the monthly magazine "women church world" ·

The following is the editorial of the next issue of the monthly insert  "women church world", which will be published with the Daily edition of 1-2 July.

Everyday heroism is a virtue and it is an almost exclusively feminine one and the women most rich in this virtue are the religious. Read the interview with Sister Alessandra Fumagalli who heads the Italian hospital in Karak, a hundred miles from Amman, and which is in the poorest area of the country. It is a hospital that has been there for seventy years thanks to the efforts of the Comboni Missionaries, where the sick are cared for. However  it does more than that: it protects women who are particularly vulnerable in an archaic culture such as that of the Bedouin. It also promotes dialogue with Muslims and it is a testimony to  their faith in daily relations with others. We often ask ourselves in the course of our work, how to reach these protagonists of daily heroism, these women who have no other goal than that of giving and of bearing witness. Sister Alessandra Fumagalli is certainly one of them. We know that there are many others in distant lands, in hospitals, in schools, among the elderly, amongst mistreated women  where the work is hard, and where their faith is not easily accepted. We would like to hear many other voices as we are sure that they have much to teach believers and non-believers alike. Today the hope is strong that Pope Francis  may acknowledge them and  acknowledge their gift of giving, much more  than the Church has done in the past. He who comes from a country “at the end of the world”,perhaps more than others, can understand those, at the boundaries of this world, who remain and continue to give. These are mostly women, tireless workers, sublime organisers, missionaries able to overcome difficulties, witnesses of the faith and the protagonists of dialogue. It is they  who bear witness on a daily basis, often without recognition, to the God "who loves like a mother", whom Pope Francis wanted to remind us of at the Angelus on the 11June. They are the mothers not only of those in need, those who are sick and suffering, but also of those who are "different" from them. It is the infinity of love and their testimony of faith.




St. Peter’s Square

Jan. 26, 2020