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Episode 33

· Marcelo Figueroa recalls dialogues with his friend Jorge Mario Bergoglio ·

“Friendship” is a word left in suspense between Protestant biblicist Marcelo Figuero, Rabbi Abraham Skorka and Jorge Mario Bergoglio. Friendship is the common thread that joined them for many years and is also a topic missing from the programme on the air in March 2013 on Channel 21, a diocesan television broadcaster in Buenos Aires. Thirty-two instalments made it to the airwaves on schedule, but the 33rd episode remained on the drawing board: “I’ll do it when I get home”, Bergoglio said just before he left for the Conclave.

The idea behind the programme was to address, each according to his own perspective of faith, issues which could concern everyone. The starting point was the analysis of Sacred Scripture: in fact the show was called “The Bible, a present-day dialogue”. Direction was shared by the Cardinal of Buenos Aires with Skorka and Figueroa. For years they held impassioned discussions on various topics: the meaning of life, family, old age, dignity, fears, the reason and importance of faith in these times. “Ever since Jorge Mario Bergoglio became Pope, we are separated by a vast geographic distance but we feel very close, because it is always wonderful to see each other again”, Figueroa confided to L’Osservatore Romano. Now he is limited to meeting the Pontiff at Santa Marta. “I think that Francis is a spiritual and moral point of reference not just for Catholics”, he added. “He has a real awareness of the problems affecting the world, a clear geopolitical viewpoint”.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 14, 2019