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Elections marked by violence and tension

· Nigeria in fear and uncertainty ·

After presidential and legislative elections on Saturday, 29 March, Nigeria continues to await results amid uncertainty and fear.

The northeast of the country was marred by violence as Boko Haram militants massacred more than 3 dozen civilians, while there were tensions in the south as accusations of fraud were alleged against the outgoing majority. Despite these occurrences and others, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon commended the Nigerian people for their “ largely peaceful and orderly conduct” in carrying out Saturday's elections “in the face of unjustifiable violence”. The electoral commission announced initial results on Monday, 30 March, but observers have signalled delays. In addition to outbreaks of violence and allegations of irregularities, technical problems with regard to electronic voter ID cards resulted in the decision by officials to extend voting through Sunday in approximately 350 polling places, while requiring many others to proceed with the manual verification of voters.




St. Peter’s Square

Oct. 23, 2018