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El hijo de la novia

· The film ·

The lady is old and, above all, she is sick. She has for some time had Alzheimer's disease. The characters that revolve around her - the very much in love husband who goes daily to visit in the centre where the woman lives; Rafael, the forty-two year old son, apparently successful, but in reality in a state of deep crisis over his choices and priorities; Vicky's granddaughter, who lives with her divorced mother; the young girlfriend of Rafael - are the protagonists of the film El hijo de la novia (The Son of the Bride), directed in 2001 by the Argentine director Juan José Campanella. The film is set in Buenos Aires, but it could be any other city in the world, because the theme of the search for a key so that people might really be able to communicate is universal. One way, the film, excellently played by Norma Aleandro and Ricardo Darin, suggests would be to try to enter the world of the other. In this specific case, that of a bride who, in her apparently depersonalizing illness, helps to heal those who are around her. (@ GiuliGaleotti )




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Jan. 26, 2020