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Drugs among the children of Argentina

If Argentina is a country that is particularly affected by the crisis, a specific alarm relates to the situation of children, who are victims - among other things – of drug use and child labour. As regards the first aspect, the bishop of Neuquén and Vice President of the Argentine Episcopal Conference, Bishop Virginio Domingo Bressanelli, has for a long time requested a decisive  intervention by the State to combat the spread of drugs among the young: the data seems to suggest a decrease in the age of the onset of  consumption from 14 to 8 years. "The drug problem is now also present in elementary schools," the prelate said. With regard to child labour, on the other hand, the Catholic University of Argentina has recently published a report (The state of youth work conditions) , which shows that children and adolescents are engaged in heavy housework, especially in families where significant adults are missing from home for many hours, or where there are many children to take care of. The study indicated that, generally, the work carried out by children and adolescents has negative effects on their education, because the lack of time for study and the fatigue of work create a delay in the pace of learning and growth.




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 8, 2019