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A double-jubilee in Hungary

· The 17th centenary of the birth of St Martin ·

In 2016, Hungary is celebrating a double-jubilee: the extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy, established by Pope Francis, is joined by the celebration of the 17th centenary of the birth of St Martin. Indeed, in the year 316, the territory of present-day Hungary was the birthplace of Martin, perhaps one of the world’s most well-known saints, thanks to the the event in which he took the cloak off his back and shared it with a beggar.

Martin is considered the saint par excellence of charity and of the works of mercy, some of which are eminently linked to his birthplace, Pannonia. Thus, he is excellent representative saint for the Jubilee called for by Pope Francis.

One of the most eloquent symbols of the happy coincidence of these two jubilees is represented by the Cathedral of Szombathely’s new bronze doors, created for the anniversary and immediately inaugurated as the diocese’s Holy Door of the Jubilee. The six panels that adorn it, work of the artist Gábor Veres, present the most important episodes of Martin’s life.

András Veres
Bishop of Szombathely and President 
of the Hungarian Bishops’ Conference




St. Peter’s Square

Feb. 26, 2020