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Dorothy Day

· The essays ·

“When I was your age and went to the University of Illinois”, Dorothy Day (1897-1980) said one day to a group of students, “the poor could only count on the charity of the rich. I remember that I once asked my mother the reason for this situation; why for a few people things could not go better, for some possessed so much and others little or nothing. She would always answer me that there was no explanation for forms of injustice and that this was simply how things were. Well”, concluded the American activist and journalist, “I believe I have spent my life trying to make things function better”. The subject of women and poverty cannot be addressed without remembering the writings of this woman who lived radically with the poor and for the poor. “We did not side with the Catholics who were quite satisfied with today’s world ”, Day wrote in her autobiography,remembering the first years of the Catholic Worker Movement she founded, “they were very ready to give to the poor but did not feel called to work for the things of this life on behalf of others”. On the contrary Day did feel called. And her life and her writings tell us so. (@GiuliGaleotti)




St. Peter’s Square

Dec. 8, 2019